SECURE-IBD Registry: Update (05/06/2020)
SECURE-IBD COVID-19 update June 5th

June 5th, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We hope this week’s newsletter finds you and your families safe and doing well. As of June 2nd, there have been 1,379 COVID-19 cases in IBD patients from 46 different countries reported in SECURE-IBD.

The rate of growth of new cases reported in SECURE-IBD appears to be flattening and we are hopeful this may reflect a slowing of the pandemic in many areas of the world. As a reminder, our first formal analyses of the SECURE-IBD data were published in Gastroenterology and can be accessed at
We are continuing to do more analyses! Ongoing projects include examining dose-response effects of medications on risk of severe COVID-19 as well as comparing outcomes between different classes of medications. We are also planning analyses to investigate the impact of any geographic or racial disparities in outcomes in IBD patients who contract COVID-19.
We plan to share these updated analyses soon through peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Last, we have started a collaboration with rheumatology colleagues running a similar database for rheumatologic conditions to look at COVID-19 outcomes across multiple immune-mediated diseases.
Please continue to spread the word about SECURE-IBD to all of your colleagues, locally, nationally, and internationally!

To report a case - click here

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