SECURE-IBD Registry: Update (07/07/2020)
SECURE-IBD COVID-19 update July 7th

July 7th, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We hope this week’s newsletter finds you and your families safe, well and hopefully, enjoying the sun.
As of July 7, there have been 1,696 COVID-19 cases in IBD patients reported in SECURE-IBD. While things are improving in Europe, East Asia and parts of North America, it is concerning to see the uptrend of COVID-19 cases in many US states and in countries such as India.
We continue to keep an eye out for data from these regions. Reflecting these global trends, the rate of new cases reported to SECURE-IBD has diminished somewhat over the last few weeks (see graph below), but the overall number of reported cases continues to increase.
We look forward to sharing our results on the impact of different medications, used alone and in combination, on COVID-19 outcomes in our registry. We are making progress with collaborations with the rheumatology group to pool data across multiple immune-mediated diseases. We are also working on a brief report on prescription patterns of IBD medications in the setting of COVID-19. We continue to learn and improve through our collaborations!
Please continue to spread the word about SECURE-IBD to all of your colleagues, locally, nationally, and internationally!

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