SECURE-IBD Registry: Update (19/05/2020)
SECURE-IBD COVID-19 update May 19th

Today, May 19th, is World IBD Day.

With the global pandemic of COVID-19, patients and their healthcare providers from around the world are struggling with the same challenges, tragedies, fears and concerns. As an IBD community, we are united in our quest to rapidly provide answers to the questions most important to patients and caregivers, and ultimately to develop new treatments and approaches to prevention.
With SECURE-IBD, we have already made a big difference!

Nearly 1200 cases from 42 countries have been reported to the registry.
Initial results from SECURE-IBD have been published online in Gastroenterology.
We have learned, as in the general population, older age and comorbid health conditions are the major drivers of more severe COVID-19 and death.
Age-adjusted standardized mortality ratios for IBD patients, compared with general population data from China, Italy, and the U.S., are in the rage of 1.5-1.8.
After adjusting for age, sex, smoking, comorbidities, and other factors, oral steroid use was positively associated with our primary endpoint of death or requirement for ICU or mechanical ventilation. TNF antagonists were not associated with more severe COVID-19. We observed a positive association between the use of 5-ASA/sulfasalazine and worse COVID-19 outcomes.

This unexpected finding warrants further confirmation in other cohorts as well as mechanistic studies.

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