SECURE-IBD Registry: Update (30/04/2020)
SECURE-IBD COVID-19 update April 30th

It’s hard to believe this is the 8th week for SECURE‐IBD.
With so much happening so quickly, it feels like we are living in “dog years”. And, by those standards, SECURE‐IBD has matured beyond infancy and childhood and is now a teenager.

We now have 877 reported cases, an increase of 173 cases from last week.
The observed overall case fatality rate is approximately 3%.
Median age of reported cases is 44 years.
A total of 34 pediatric cases (age < 20 years) have been reported.
Fifty‐eight percent of reported cases had Crohn’s disease; 41% had UC.
The observed overall case fatality rate is approximately 4 %.

We encourage all IBD providers to report all cases of confirmed COVID-19 in IBD patients, regardless of severity.

To report a case - click here

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